our leadership vision:

At FNLC there is a sense that the Lord is asking us to develop a fresh expression of the kind of church that was modelled in Acts 2.  It is not based on organised religion, is not dominated by theological doctrine (although we recognise that we must hold to a core fundamental set of beliefs), nor a Church driven by services and meetings. It is far deeper and far wider. It is a lifestyle where we breathe, eat and live the good news of Jesus. A people who work together with Jesus and one another in love, forgiveness, healing, soul care and restoration, for the following purposes …

a) Introducing people to the Kingdom of Heaven

b) Introducing people to Jesus who is Lord and King of this Kingdom

c) Empowering people to become committed followers of Jesus and part of His Kingdom

d) Enabling people to find their purpose and giftings to serve in this Kingdom

Our leadership structure has been formulated to reflect that mission. It is a model where the leadership serve the vision and not the vision serving them.

The Church Eldership is responsible for the spiritual oversight of the local congregation.

This role is outward focussed and supports both FNLC and local churches.

An executive of team of leaders who assist the spiritual lead through specific gifts & functions.

In addition to this, there will be other members who will assist in ministries such as Prayer, worship, Intercession, Youth, NRG, Hospitality, Maintenance, etc.

                                  Jonathan Kear - Spiritual Lead

Jonathan Kear became the new Spiritual lead for FNLC in November 2019.

Peter & Jean Bayliss - Spiritual Lead

Pete & Jean were part of the founding members of the Church and began working in leadership alongside Ken and Sue Matthews as part of the Eldership.

Pete has worked for many years in the Social Care industry, specialising in working with families and young people in crisis.

Jean has recently retired, having worked for many years at Kears Opticians.

They have a wonderful pastoral heart and are greatly loved and respected by all.